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Felony DUI Charges

Facing a Felony DUI Charge

If you have been arrested and charged with felony DUI, you desperately need a defense attorney who knows all there is to know about Clark County DUI law. If convicted, you will almost certainly spend some serious time in jail and be heavily fined. You will probably lose your driver’s license for at least three years, and for the rest of your life you will find it very difficult to get hired at any place

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Nevada Drunk Driving

As a city known for its nightlife and party atmosphere, the city of Las Vegas sees many DUI arrests each year. In 2007 alone, 12,538 people were arrested in the state of Nevada under DUI charges. Because Nevada’s drunk driving and buzzed driving laws are stricter and tougher than nearly any other state’s, visitors to Las Vegas, Reno, and other cities in the state are often taken by surprise when they learn what consequences are possible if they are convicted.

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Juvenile Offenses

Keeping Your Kid Out of the Adult Legal System

If your minor son or daughter is facing juvenile court for a misdemeanor or felony charge, the most important consideration is keeping the case out of the adult system.

The Nevada juvenile court system has a different set of requirements and parameters that your attorney will need to know, including:

A special petition is required to adjudicate the case in the juvenile system The minor has no right to bail. He

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Vehicular Assault And Manslaughter

Under Nevada law, an individual who is suspected of causing another person’s injury or death while driving may be charged with vehicular assault or vehicular manslaughter. Vehicular manslaughter, a misdemeanor in Nevada, can be easily confused with other similar-sounding charges such as vehicular homicide and DUI resulting in injury or death. The misdemeanor charge of vehicular manslaughter is reserved for cases in which the driver was only guilty of a minor infraction of traffic laws when the accident occurred. For

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DUI and the Law Misconceptions

If you have been pulled over after a night of partying in Las Vegas and arrested for drunk driving, you are in a dangerous position. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your DUI charges are an inconvenience that can be quickly cleared up and forgotten about. Failing to treat this accusation with the gravity it requires will cost you heavy penalties, treatment and monitoring that could last for years, and a spot on your criminal record that will haunt

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Nevada Federal DUI Attorneys

DUI Defense

Strong Defense for OUI or Drunk While Boating on Lake Mead Defending Clients Charged With DUI or Other Offenses on Federal Land

The state of Nevada has more federally controlled, on a percentage basis, land than any other state in the nation. This includes national parks, military installations and land operated by the Bureau of Land Management, or BLM. Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam are both federally operated lands. People accused of crimes committed on federal land face federal

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