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Client charged with murder and kidnapping, resolved for misdemeanor. All co-defendants, not represented by our office, convicted of major felonies and sentenced to extensive prison time.

Client charged with weapons and drug sales offenses. Established police officer lied under oath and falsified evidence to obtain search warrant, case dismissed by Court.

Client charged with practicing medicine without a license in a highly publicized and politically motivated prosecution. Upon defense motion challenging constitutionality of statute, State Attorney General dismissed its’ own case.

Client charged with Violation of an Extended Protective Order for allegedly stalking his ex-wife and her new husband. Argued a Motion to Dismiss the Criminal Complaint and won on grounds of Double Jeopardy.

Client charged with ten felonies – including Burglary, Embezzlement, Obtaining Money Under False Pretenses, and Theft. Negotiated it down to one misdemeanor count of Disorderly Conduct.

Client charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, a Class B Felony – case resolved to improper storage of hazardous materials, a misdemeanor code violation, with a small fine.

Federal Felony Drug and Paraphernalia charges reduced to traffic ticket for failing to register boat trailer.

Charges for felon in possession of loaded firearm and possession of cocaine reduced to misdemeanor – no jail.

Previous convictions for various offenses retroactively modified and/or vacated in order to prevent deportation or loss of Resident Status

Multiple Clients charged with DUIs – cases dismissed, reduced to reckless driving or traffic citation

Client charged with Murder, Kidnapping, Robbery, Use of a Deadly Weapon

After police officer admits under cross examination that full confession was obtained with threats of physical violence, case was negotiated to misdemeanor;

Client accused of killing four people while driving under the influence of a controlled substances. Case negotiated to misdemeanor and probation.

Client charged with Burglary while in Possession of Deadly Weapon and related charges. Case dismissed.

Original Charge: Possession of Controlled Substance (Heroine and Cocaine). Result: Case dismissed.

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