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Mistaking Baby Soap for Marijuana

Baby SoapThere’s a story coming out of North Carolina that parents of infants should be aware of—especially if there’s a chance they could be suspected by doctors and nurses of exposing their children to marijuana.

In administering a standard infant screening test for THC (marijuana’s primary active component), doctors in a North Carolina hospital knew something was wrong when they saw a large number of positive results. As it turned out, the tests were showing false positives because of baby soap residue that contaminated the tests’ urine samples. Although we know that THC is not in baby soap, of course, scientists are still trying to find out what ingredient is affecting the test results.

If your baby’s screening shows a positive result, you could be facing some tense conversations with a Nevada Child Protective Services worker. If doctors conduct a test, it means that they already think there is at least some chance that you are using marijuana around the baby, and a positive test reinforces those suspicions. In order to stop a CPS proceeding before it begins, you need the help of a Las Vegas family lawyer. Our knowledge of this and other kinds of misunderstandings gives us the ability to keep you safe from false accusations of child abuse.

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