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An arrest in the Las Vegas and North Las Vegas area is often an unexpected event, and new inmates usually rely on the help of others in order to find bail information, post bail, and perform the other necessary preparations leading up to hearings and a possible trial. If you are trying to find out which Las Vegas jail an individual has been taken to, the following information will guide you in the right direction.

If a family member or friend of yours has been taken into custody by police in the Las Vegas area, they are confined at either the Clark County Detention Center (CCDC), Las Vegas Jail, North Las Vegas Jail, or Henderson Jail. These four facilities are only used for housing individuals awaiting trial and individuals serving a misdemeanor conviction sentence of less than a year. The jail to which an arrested individual is taken depends on the location and seriousness of the incident in question. The following information will help you determine which jail to contact in order to find an inmate:

  • Henderson Detention Center: Individuals arrested in the city of Henderson, Nevada (just southeast of Las Vegas). To find an inmate, call (702) 267-5245.

Mailing address:

Henderson Detention Center

P.O. Box 95050

Henderson, NV 89009-5050

  • North Las Vegas Detention Center: Individuals arrested within the city limits of North Las Vegas; also overflow from the Clark County Detention Center. Call (702) 633-1400 to find an inmate.

Mailing address:

North Las Vegas Detention Center

2332 Las Vegas Blvd North, Suite 200

North Las Vegas, NV 89030

  • Las Vegas Detention Center: Individuals arrested under misdemeanor charges within the city limits of Las Vegas. Call (702) 229-6444 for inmate information.

Mailing address:

City of Las Vegas Detention Center

3300 Stewart Ave

Las Vegas, NV 89101

  • Clark County Detention Center: Individuals arrested elsewhere in Clark County; also individuals arrested in Las Vegas under gross misdemeanor or felony charges. CCDC is the largest and primary detention center in Clark County. To search for an inmate, call (702) 671-3900.

Mailing address:

Clark County Detention Center

330 South Casino Center Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89101

All four jails also offer access to inmate information, with varying detail, on their websites.

Contacting Inmates

The rules for making contact with inmates at any of the four main detention centers are rigid and strictly enforced.

  • Phone: Inmates may not receive incoming phone calls. They may only make outgoing calls under very restricted conditions.
  • Mail: Mail addressed to inmates must include the inmate’s ID number assigned at booking. No packages, oversized mail, or books/magazines are permitted, and all mail is searched unless marked “Legal Mail” and sent from an attorney.
  • Visits: In-person visits are subject to schedules specific to each facility (call each facility for visiting hours), dress codes, and behavioral requirements. All visitors are searched and must show proper identification (except for minors under age 13), and all conversations are monitored except for those between a client and his or her defense attorney. In addition, any visitor to a detention center must be prepared for the possibility of a background check and search for any outstanding arrest warrants.

Clark County Bail Information

Each individual court has its own bail schedule, which provides guidelines for appropriate bail amounts for different offenses. By looking at this schedule, you can get an idea of what an inmate’s bail will probably cost. Given the fact that every circumstance is unique, however, sometimes a lower or higher bail amount is set for an individual inmate. In the case of a very serious offense, the court may deny bail. Information about an inmate’s bail amount, and additional bail information such as payment types accepted, can be found by calling the following numbers:

  • Clark County Detention Center: (702) 455-3462
  • Las Vegas Jail: (702) 229-6460
  • Henderson Jail: (702) 267-5245
  • North Las Vegas Jail: (702) 633-1400

You can post bail for an inmate in person at a window located at the jail housing the inmate. All jails accept cash, cashier’s checks, and money orders. The CCDC and Las Vegas Jail accept credit card payments with some limitations, but the North Las Vegas Jail and Henderson Jail do not. All four jails also accept payment from bail bonding companies. A bail bonding company posts bail for you, in return for a fee that usually equals about 15% of the bail amount. Please note that if an inmate is housed at the North Las Vegas Jail due to overcrowding at the CCDC, his or her bail must be posted at the CCDC.

After you post the appropriate bail amount, it will be held by the court and the inmate will be released. When he or she has successfully appeared at all of the set hearings, trial dates, and other appointments, the bail money will be refunded in full. Failure to appear at a set appointment results in forfeiture of the bail amount.

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