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Do You Know What Your Rights Are?

Talking to the police without talking to an attorney first is a colossal mistake. Without the counsel of a legal expert on your side, you are no match for the tactics police officers can use to coax a self-incriminating statement out of you even after they have given you the Miranda warning. Before you know what is happening, you will likely wind up facing heavy penalties based on your own statements that you didn’t even know could hurt you. If you are going to be fully protected by the fifth and sixth amendment rights that you are guaranteed, you need the partnership of a lawyer with extensive Las Vegas law experience.

The U.S. constitution gives you the right to have an attorney present any time you are questioned. The reason that right is set in stone is because it is critical to your ability to preserve your fifth amendment right against self-incrimination. Deceptive questioning tactics must be matched by the counsel of a lawyer who knows what to expect from Clark County police and prosecutors.

By trying to go it on your own, you make the prosecution’s job very easy. Instead of looking for actual proof of your guilt, all the police have to do is get a few simple statements from you and twist them into a story that will convince a judge of your guilt. Don’t take that chance—make sure there is a defense lawyer at your side from the start to keep your constitutional rights intact.

Rights of the Fifth and Sixth Amendments

If you are facing any kind of legal trouble, it is time for you to familiarize yourself with the rights and privileges that the fifth and sixth amendments to the U.S. constitution promise every citizen. The police and prosecution would just as soon you remain ignorant of those rights, resulting in an easy conviction with little opposition. With the assistance of a Las Vegas attorney who knows how these amendments translate into real life, however, you can make sure that you get the justice that you deserve.

Protection Against Self-Incrimination

Under the fifth amendment, no person can be forced to act as a witness against himself. This means that nobody can be tortured until they confess, and that nobody can be convicted of a crime unless there is enough objective evidence and outside testimony to prove guilt. Many people give up these rights without knowing it by answering questions by police that they do not have to answer. Having a defense lawyer who is an expert in Clark County law by your side will keep you from giving up your fifth amendment rights.

Right to Legal Representation

The sixth amendment promises every citizen the right to legal counsel. The constitution’s writers understood that without access to a legal expert, an individual could quickly be deceived and misled into incriminating himself. Getting the help of a good defense lawyer is your first and most important step in mounting a successful defense.

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