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DUI and DWI are two of the most serious accusations that most people expect to face in the Las Vegas area. The people that get pulled over by police and charged with these crimes aren’t generally criminals; they’re just normal citizens, often visitors to the city, who happen to be showing possible signs of being drunk or high. Because officers see so much drinking and drug use in Las Vegas, it is very easy for them to jump to conclusions when they see you driving irregularly or displaying unusual behavior. If a police officer has accused you of DUI or DWI, you need a lawyer who will stand up for your rights in court.

DUI and DWI Charges

You shouldn’t assume that dealing with DUI and DWI charges is like going to traffic court. Criminal lawyers will tell you that the penalties are far higher than you think, including very high fines, orders to attend therapy programs, and even possible jail time. And that’s just the short term—a conviction will follow you for years, showing up on background checks and causing employers and lenders to turn you down.

Visitors to Las Vegas have it even tougher. Without a lawyer to argue for them, they have to travel back to the city just to appear in court. If they don’t, additional charges will pile up. After that, a routine traffic stop will trigger a nightmare of extradition procedures.

Getting a Fair Hearing

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your arresting officer will give you the benefit of the doubt in court. You should assume just the opposite; in DUI and DWI cases the prosecutors’ main goal is to get a conviction and a sentence. The only way that you can count on evidence in your favor getting to the judge is by having a lawyer fight for you. In fact, your officer may have even violated your rights during your stop and arrest, making a conviction unlawful. You won’t know that, however, unless you tell your story to a defense lawyer who can spot the violations.

DUI and DWI Criminal Defense

If you are in trouble over a DUI or DWI, you need our help. We will listen to your story, build your defense, and put all of our decades of legal experience to work in order to get your case dismissed before it gets to the courtroom. If it does go to court, we will fight to keep unlawful evidence and false testimony from influencing your verdict. We will make sure you get the justice you deserve, and most of all we will make sure your rights as a U.S. citizen are respected.

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