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Las Vegas sees quite a few arrests, trials, and convictions for drug crimes each year. Unfortunately, many of those are the results of misconstrued evidence, secondhand testimony, and simple misunderstandings that don’t get straightened out in court. There are plenty of people serving sentences in prison that shouldn’t be there, and if you have been charged with a drug crime you could be next in line. With an experienced law firm at your side, though, you can count on an expert defense and fair treatment by the law.

Drug Crime Penalties

You would probably be shocked to find out just what the state can do to you if it finds you guilty of even minor drug crimes. The United States’ “war on drugs” frequently leads to casualties by sending people to treatment or prison just because they were caught in a situation that looked bad enough to convince a judge they were guilty. It doesn’t help that police and prosecutors use any evidence or testimony they can get, however shaky, to help put accused people behind bars. Even after you have served your official penalty, though, your troubles aren’t behind you. Background checks for years to come will make it nearly impossible for you to get a job or a loan and move forward with your life.

We Can Help

We have helped many people in your situation get out from under unfair drug charges. Whether you were discovered in a car with marijuana under the seat; scooped up in a police raid at a pool party; or even caught red-handed buying drugs during a police sting; there may be a way out. But you need the help of a knowledgeable attorney who is ready to make your case his own and fight for fair treatment. With decades of experience in the field, we know exactly how police must conduct a drug crimes arrest, and we know how to challenge and discard faulty testimony and evidence in court.

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If you are innocent, don’t count on that coming out in court without a good defense lawyer’s help.  Our first goal is to get your charges dropped or dismissed. Trying to save money by going it alone is only likely to get you run over by overzealous prosecutors, angry police officers, and witnesses that don’t really remember what they saw. You need someone on your side who can oppose those threats and get you out of this trouble with your life and your record intact.

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