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Drivers license violations in Las Vegas are far more serious than most people realize. If you are charged with driving without a license, or for driving on a suspended or revoked license, you face huge fines and even possible jail time. As a matter of fact, if your license has previously been suspended because of a DUI conviction, driving gets you a mandatory 30-day sentence.

If you intend to regain your drivers license and stay out of jail, you need the an attorney who knows this area of the law inside and out. The police will make you feel like you have no way out but to plead guilty and face the consequences. What they don’t want you to know is that a law firm with decades of experience can easily spot the mistakes in the state’s case and get you the treatment that you deserve.

A Complex Problem

You can’t get out of trouble caused by drivers license violations simply by asking for leniency or by claiming that you weren’t driving without a license. You need a powerful lawyer who knows how to effectively challenge the argument that the prosecution is going to prepare against you. The police regularly violate the rights of citizens during traffic stops and arrests, but those violations won’t come out unless an expert lawyer digs to find them. That’s why it is critical for you to get legal representation immediately and let us start working for you.

Dire Consequences

A 30-day jail sentence is enough to lose you your job and any prospects of getting another one. Add to that all of your other responsibilities, plus a future with a tainted criminal record. If you simply buckle under and take whatever the judge decides to give you, you will regret the decision every time you try to get a job, buy a car, or start a serious relationship. There is another way out—let us talk with you in a free consultation and make your fight our own. You need attorneys who take your story seriously, and we will make sure that your rights are not run over.

Great Results

Our clients have seen results that they didn’t think were possible. Instead of jail time, you could very well see your case thrown out of court, with no consequences at all. Better yet, the prosecutor could choose to drop the charges when he sees that he will have to face our determination and experience in order to get you behind bars.

We look forward to helping you get your case thrown out of court or dropped before it even goes to trial. Contact us today.

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