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Domestic violence is a real problem in Las Vegas, and it creates real, painful, and sometimes irreconcilable problems in many families. Other times, however, the police arrive on the scene after receiving an anonymous call, make an arrest, and press charges against someone simply because the evidence suggested they did something wrong. The penalties for domestic violence are very serious, and it is a tragedy when someone suffers those penalties out of proportion with their actions.

Unfortunately, this happens all the time. If you are forced to defend yourself against domestic violence charges, you will face not only evidence and testimony, but also hard feelings, angry words, and prejudice that stack the deck against you. Your best chance of getting out of this legal trouble? A crack team of Las Vegas criminal lawyers who know how to force your accusers to treat you fairly.

A Domestic Violence Conviction

If convicted of domestic violence, you face a lot more than jail time, steep fines, and therapy, although those penalties are serious enough. If you have children, you can expect it to be extremely difficult to keep or obtain custody of them with a domestic violence conviction on your record. Your future social life and job opportunities will suffer because of the “wife-beater” or “angry girlfriend” stigma. The worst outcome is when someone has to deal with these consequences even though he did nothing wrong.

A Lawyer’s Help

Counting on winning a “he said, she said” argument in court is a terrible mistake. Your accusers will have legal experience and plenty of expertise in trying to prove you are guilty, whether you actually are or not. With decades of experience fighting false domestic violence accusations, you might not have to go to court at all. Our fight for your rights starts as soon as we hear your story—we immediately begin meeting with the prosecutor and challenging the testimony and evidence that they plan to hit you with. Many cases get no further than this stage, when prosecutors realize what they are up against and drop the charges.

A Serious Situation

There are two big mistakes you can make when facing domestic violence charges. The first is to minimize the problem and assume you will be able to explain everything personally to the judge. This is hopeless in the face of the professional lawyering that will be leveled against you. The other mistake you can make, though, is to simply plead guilty, hoping for a sentence that won’t be too harsh. Don’t make a move without having a free consultation with us—chances are, we can get you a better outcome than you even think is possible. We look forward to helping you get your case thrown out of court or dropped before it even goes to trial. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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