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Facing a Felony DUI Charge

If you have been arrested and charged with felony DUI, you desperately need a defense attorney who knows all there is to know about Clark County DUI law. If convicted, you will almost certainly spend some serious time in jail and be heavily fined. You will probably lose your driver’s license for at least three years, and for the rest of your life you will find it very difficult to get hired at any place

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Misdemeanor DUI

Court Instead of Jail Time for Misdemeanor DUI

Las Vegas (Clark County) offers misdemeanor DUI court as an alternative for serving a jail sentence for certain first and second time DUI offenders. Also called the Moderate Offenders Program, admission must be granted by a judge, who also sets the requirements. These requirements include community service, mandatory counseling meetings and individual checkups, house arrest for 90 days, monitoring of activity by way of an alcohol detection and GPS device, and a

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Nevada Drunk Driving

As a city known for its nightlife and party atmosphere, the city of Las Vegas sees many DUI arrests each year. In 2007 alone, 12,538 people were arrested in the state of Nevada under DUI charges. Because Nevada’s drunk driving and buzzed driving laws are stricter and tougher than nearly any other state’s, visitors to Las Vegas, Reno, and other cities in the state are often taken by surprise when they learn what consequences are possible if they are convicted.

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Moderate Offenders Program

Misdemeanor DUI court, also known as a “moderate offenders program,” is a program that allows someone convicted of misdemeanor DUI (first or second offense) to stay out of jail and possibly have his or her charges reduced to something less serious. While the requirements and expenses of DUI court are significant, it does save you the devastation of spending up to six months in a Clark County jail and may allow you to return home if you live in another

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Vehicular Assault And Manslaughter

Under Nevada law, an individual who is suspected of causing another person’s injury or death while driving may be charged with vehicular assault or vehicular manslaughter. Vehicular manslaughter, a misdemeanor in Nevada, can be easily confused with other similar-sounding charges such as vehicular homicide and DUI resulting in injury or death. The misdemeanor charge of vehicular manslaughter is reserved for cases in which the driver was only guilty of a minor infraction of traffic laws when the accident occurred. For

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Reckless Driving

The misdemeanor charge of reckless driving is a very common one in Clark County. Running a red light, street racing, hitting objects while driving, failing to stop when pursued by police, or even excessive speeding can result in a reckless driving charge instead of a simple citation. A Las Vegas lawyer can use his local experience to call this accusation into question and allow you to avoid the eight-demerit penalty and fines, as well as possible jail time, that are

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Misdemeanor DUI

The first and second DUI offenses within a seven-year period are considered misdemeanors in Clark County. While they carry lighter sentences than the third offense (treated as a felony), a conviction for first-time or second-time DUI brings with it heavy penalties and significant complications to your future. Don’t settle for a plea bargain under a misdemeanor DUI charge; get the help of an attorney who is willing to put in the work it takes to get the charge dropped altogether

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Serious Offenders Program

In order to provide an alternative option to jail time, the Nevada justice system has implement felony DUI court, also known as the Serious Offenders Program. Similar in nature and structure to misdemeanor DUI court, the program assigns a convicted individual a number of treatment, community service, house arrest, and monitoring activities instead of serving an extended prison sentence. One of the most important services a Las Vegas lawyer can perform for you is petitioning the court and completing the

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Felony DUI

In Nevada, a DUI offense is prosecuted as a felony if it is your third DUI offense within a seven year period, or if another person was harmed or killed during the incident in question. A conviction under felony DUI charges carries penalties that will adversely affect virtually every part of your life, not to mention the possibility of years spent in jail. The only way to avoid a conviction, especially if the evidence is fairly heavily stacked against you,

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DUI Defense Strategies

A number of different factors make Clark County DUI charges very complex. For one thing, the procedures that police must adhere to when making a DUI arrest are very strict in order to protect the rights of drivers. A close examination of these procedures is a large part of any attorney’s defense strategy. In addition, the heavy penalties that result from a conviction mean that a guilty plea is an unacceptable solution for most people facing charges. In order to

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