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Battery Domestic Violence Immigration

If you are facing charges of battery domestic violence and are an immigrant or a resident of another U.S. state, your case has an added layer of complexity. Handling the defense in these cases in just the right way is necessary in order to prevent consequences such as an embarrassing and disruptive extradition process or even deportation from the country.

Immigrants and Domestic Violence

If you are an immigrant to the U.S., you need to know that a conviction of

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Battery Domestic Violence Penalties

The possible penalties for battery domestic violence range from a simple misdemeanor conviction involving mostly community service, to a Category B felony carrying a maximum fifteen years in prison and a mandatory fine of $10,000. The penalty level depends on the extent of physical harm, if any, and whether a weapon was used. If your lawyer does not know how to present an effective challenge to every detail of your case, the result is likely to be a sentence that

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Battery Domestic Violence Definition

Under Nevada state law, battery domestic violence is a subset of assault and battery that carries its own evidence and penalty requirements. The complex factors that set domestic violence apart from other forms of battery, as well as a reliance on witness testimony and other non-physical evidence sources to bring a conviction, make it very important that, if accused of this crime, you engage an attorney who is well acquainted with this specific area of the law.


The legal

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Battery Domestic Violence Defense

The situation complexities, unreliable testimony, and questionable evidence that characterize most domestic violence cases create a legal situation in which you need the help of a certain kind of attorney. Simply finding a lawyer who is thoroughly familiar with the legal codes applicable to your charges is not enough; you need the help of someone who is also willing to listen carefully to your story and fight hard to get you the justice you deserve. Settling for a plea bargain

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Battery Domestic Violence Complications

There are a huge number of factors that come into play when battery domestic violence charges are filed against you. Some of these you are probably not aware of, but they can have far-reaching effects on your life. A defense attorney who has successfully handled many similar cases within Clark County’s unique legal landscape can walk you through each of these important considerations and make sure that your legal trouble results in minimal disruption to your life.

Restraining Orders and

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Child Abuse

Strong Defense in Nevada Child Protective Services Actions

The welfare of children is a top priority for the state of Nevada. If Child Protective Services, or CPS, receives information that your child is being mistreated or being put in any kind of danger, they can come and take your child away. An experienced Las Vegas child abuse attorney can help to protect your rights and fight to get your child back.

You need an attorney that represents parents in a

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Temporary Protection Orders

Handling Enforcement and Defense for Violation of Temporary Protection Order

Victims of abuse or harassment can obtain temporary protection orders, or TPO, against their abusers. There are different types of orders that apply to different types of abusive situations, and it can be difficult to know where to turn for help. Be sure that you have an experienced Las Vegas restraining order attorney on your side who can properly handle your case and work to ensure your safety.

The Las

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