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All About Restaining Orders

A restraining order in Las Vegas is a court action that an individual can petition for if he or she feels threatened by another individual. If the judge presiding over the action agrees, the order will go into effect immediately, and the court will use its authority to enforce it. There are many common misunderstandings about exactly what a restraining order means, how to obtain one, and how to oppose one that is being filed against you.

Types of Restraining

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Home Invasion Crime

There are a number of crimes defined by the Nevada legal code that bear a very close resemblance to one another. Three of these are burglary, robbery, and home invasion. The prosecution’s decision about which crime to charge you with usually depends on a number of details about the alleged incident. Since each of the three charges carries its own set of penalties and evidence requirements, it is important for you to know the difference if you have been arrested

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Mistaking Baby Soap for Marijuana

There’s a story coming out of North Carolina that parents of infants should be aware of—especially if there’s a chance they could be suspected by doctors and nurses of exposing their children to marijuana.

In administering a standard infant screening test for THC (marijuana’s primary active component), doctors in a North Carolina hospital knew something was wrong when they saw a large number of positive results. As it turned out, the tests were showing false positives because of baby soap

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Know Your Rights

Do You Know What Your Rights Are?

Talking to the police without talking to an attorney first is a colossal mistake. Without the counsel of a legal expert on your side, you are no match for the tactics police officers can use to coax a self-incriminating statement out of you even after they have given you the Miranda warning. Before you know what is happening, you will likely wind up facing heavy penalties based on your own statements that you

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Felony DUI Charges

Facing a Felony DUI Charge

If you have been arrested and charged with felony DUI, you desperately need a defense attorney who knows all there is to know about Clark County DUI law. If convicted, you will almost certainly spend some serious time in jail and be heavily fined. You will probably lose your driver’s license for at least three years, and for the rest of your life you will find it very difficult to get hired at any place

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Fifth and Sixth Amendment Rights

Every United States citizen is guaranteed certain rights and privileges under the fifth and sixth amendments to the constitution. When you are facing the possibility of questioning and/or arrest, these rights suddenly take on an immediate importance! Along with the experienced counsel of a Clark County legal expert, your own knowledge of your fifth and sixth amendment rights, as stated in the Miranda warning, is one of your most important defensive weapons.

Fifth Amendment Rights

The fifth amendment promises every

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Nevada Drunk Driving

As a city known for its nightlife and party atmosphere, the city of Las Vegas sees many DUI arrests each year. In 2007 alone, 12,538 people were arrested in the state of Nevada under DUI charges. Because Nevada’s drunk driving and buzzed driving laws are stricter and tougher than nearly any other state’s, visitors to Las Vegas, Reno, and other cities in the state are often taken by surprise when they learn what consequences are possible if they are convicted.

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Las Vegas Inmate Search

An arrest in the Las Vegas and North Las Vegas area is often an unexpected event, and new inmates usually rely on the help of others in order to find bail information, post bail, and perform the other necessary preparations leading up to hearings and a possible trial. If you are trying to find out which Las Vegas jail an individual has been taken to, the following information will guide you in the right direction.

If a family member or

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Criminal Lawyers

Many visitors to Las Vegas find themselves suddenly under arrest for one reason or another. Occasionally, the arrest is in response to a deliberate crime. More often than you might think, however, police arrest an individual who was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whether innocent or guilty, someone who has been apprehended under criminal charges is in need of the help that a criminal defense attorney with deep roots in the Las Vegas legal environment can

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Moderate Offenders Program

Misdemeanor DUI court, also known as a “moderate offenders program,” is a program that allows someone convicted of misdemeanor DUI (first or second offense) to stay out of jail and possibly have his or her charges reduced to something less serious. While the requirements and expenses of DUI court are significant, it does save you the devastation of spending up to six months in a Clark County jail and may allow you to return home if you live in another

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