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Our attorneys have decades of experience successfully defending cases of all kinds, from misdemeanors to felony kidnapping and murder charges. Over the course of many years spent defending clients in Las Vegas, we have handled drug use, possession, and sale charges, DUI, domestic violence, and assault charges among many others. Apart from our thorough knowledge of Nevada’s criminal law code, we are personally acquainted with the prosecutors, judges, and police officers working in Clark County, and these relationships give us the ability to expedite the legal process and talk straight with your accusers.

When you’re ready to fight the charges were ready to throw down. The Nevada criminal justice system is tough. A plea bargain with the District Attorney is not the easy way out. Be careful of pleading guilty to a crime that will be on your record forever. We do more than just hold your hand through the process we fight aggressively to get your charges dismissed or reduced. We have a record of success.


Court-appointed lawyers and discount lawyers are known for having little time and effort available for each individual client. With the law firms listed here, you’ll find attorneys who are ready to listen to your story, treat you and your case with the respect you deserve, and fight for every inch of ground before and during a trial. Our goal is not a plea deal or a light sentence; it is acquittal or dismissal of charges. Each of our lawyers is absolutely dedicated to preserving our clients’ rights whatever the cost and winning them the best results possible in each situation.


The skills our attorneys bring to the table are considerable and highly effective. They know how to contest every piece of evidence and every word of testimony in order to make the prosecution’s job as difficult as possible. If illegally acquired evidence or shaky testimony is presented, you can count on us to expose it and keep it out of court. In addition, our extensive knowledge of the legal code allows us to stop a prosecution based on technicalities and rule violations. Many times, a prosecutor with a relatively strong case against a defendant decides that pursuing a conviction is simply not worth the trouble of facing one of our attorneys.

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John Wright"Providing exceptional representation for all drug-related allegations for over 22 years. Speak directly to Attorney John Wright now to turn your case around” Click below to start.

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Jason WeinerPracticing EXCLUSIVELY criminal law for over 16 years. Call Jason Weiner at the WEINER LAW GROUP to see why he succeeds where others fail. It's your future, you need an attorney who will fight to save it.

Weiner Law Group
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