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We are dedicated to providing every client with the highest possible level of criminal defense. Whether you are facing a trial, arrest, or simply questioning by police, you need the sound, informed counsel and advice that our attorneys offer. The Clark County legal process is very complex, and you face the risk of having your rights violated unless you enlist the help of a lawyer with extensive experience in the Las Vegas area’s unique environment.

Our Las Vegas law firms are able to provide whatever type of criminal defense services you need, and you get a free consultation during which we can assess your individual case and advise you on the next steps.

Just some of our Law Firm’s practice areas:

DUI (Driving Under the Influence) Defense

A conviction under felony DUI charges carries penalties that will adversely affect virtually every part of your life, not to mention the possibility of years spent in jail. The only way to avoid a conviction, especially if the evidence is fairly heavily stacked against you, is to get the help of an experienced lawyer who is intimately familiar with Clark County’s (Las Vegas) DUI prosecution process. For Misdemeanor DUI, don’t settle for a plea bargain! We’ll put in the work it takes to get the charge dropped altogether or reduced. Find out more information on DUI Defense.

Battery, Domestic Violence

If you’re charged with domestic battery, the attorneys here are ready to listen carefully to your side of the story and fight hard to get you the justice you deserve. Don’t think settling for a plea bargain is the answer! We could have your charges reduced or kept out of the courtroom altogether. A successful defense against a battery domestic violence accusation requires a steady hand, a reasoning mind, and real-world experience in combination with a thorough knowledge of the legal codes that are applicable. Find out more information about Domestic Violence.

Drug Crimes

Drug possession crimes in Nevada can carry serious penalties including fines and jail time. We fight aggressively to protect the rights of clients throughout Nevada and northern Arizona who have been charged with drug possession. With every case we take, we start by thoroughly examining all of the evidence against you. We work to ensure that your rights were respected at all times. If we find that your rights were violated, we will take immediate action to have the charges against you reduced or dismissed. We have been successful in previous cases by getting evidence thrown out for illegal search, lack of probable cause and other issues. Find out more about Drug possession charges.

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